The Real Question: Is Julie Globus a Murderer?

Julie Globus has gone full-lunatic mode on LostMessiah, suggesting that Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz[1] is a ‘murderer,’ repeatedly citing a wrongful death lawsuit as evidence, an idiotic rationale that would instantly make death row mostly physicians. Something has really put Julie on full-berserk mode. The shear nuttiness behind her rhetoric suggests that there may be some interesting psychological phenomena behind the accusation. Specifically, it’s worth pondering whether psychological projection is at work; does Julie has a wrongful death weighing heavily on her conscience?

She likely is carrying a heavy guilt burden indeed. And what’s most horrifying is that it involved her very own father! Here is how Julie described the death of her father:

“…my father’s death was sudden and tragic. He had been planning a life after 9 years of taking care of my mother post-stroke. During that time, he proved himself a devoted and loving husband. But, after her death, he wanted something for himself. That was apparently not to be.
My father went into the hospital on a Thursday evening, “for the weekend” I was told. It was a urinary tract infection which had been left to linger and would take the weekend to clear up. My father was dead by early Friday morning. I got to the hospital in time to see a ring of nurses and doctors hovering over his body with medical equipment and drugs in hand. Blood was pouring from his mouth and nose. It was clear there was little left of him. I asked them to stop what they were doing and back off. I asked that his DNR be respected. I asked that they allow him to die in peace.”

She got to the hospital and blood was “pouring” out of her non-terminally-ill father’s orifices (seeming to be an indication of a sudden acute episode), so Julie, without any medical background, decided that he is as good as dead, contrary to the judgement of the medical professionals providing care. Why!? Could her judgement have been clouded by the inheritance that is the central focus of her blog, over which she fought so badly that she no longer communicates with her only remaining sister?

As a public figure trying to improve her community, it seems Julie has decided that raving accusations and unhinged mudslinging will effectuate positive change. More likely, it will only cause people to equally focus on her own substantial shortcomings, as well as those of her community. With her past, one thinks she would be more cautious…

LostMessiah and Julie Globus are wonderful textbook examples of how to waste time and energy on ineffective campaigns. It took Shmarya an entire obsessive, fruitless decade to understand the futility of his strategy, as he mistook trolls and voyeurs for supporters and seekers. Let us see how many angry years LostMessiah will manage to waste; even the shock value of angry comments, the drivers of sites like FailedMessiah, has now completely evaporated. Perhaps if they quote another few lunatic holocaust deniers they can really start changing people’s minds. Not only is their site already irrevocably poisoned, they inextricably taint the efforts of others who knowingly associate with such embarrassing lunatic racists.

Laughable idiots.

Keep hating on Muslims and Orthodox Jews, Julie. Maybe it will keep your mind off of your own behavior.

#RocklandStrong Lee Smith Julie Globus Muslim Shithole
From Public Facebook Page “Take Rockland Back”

[1] We do not know Rechnitz and have no knowledge or comment regarding how he runs his facilities. But we can recognize evidence-bereft sensationalist bullshit when we see it. Posting Google News links and plagiarizing Shmarya seems to be the limits of Julie’s mental capacity. Probably the results of a poor education.

Julie Globus and Lost Messiah: Poor Education Spawns Berserk Ravings

There is clear and convincing evidence that Julie Globus, a Rockland County resident whose letters to the editor are published frequently by the Rockland Voice, is the writer of the anonymous, anti-Orthodox Jew blog LostMessiah. I have read through Julie’s writings carefully, including letters to the editor to the Rockland Voice and her blog TestofWills, and meticulously documented, well beyond a reasonable doubt, the common writing elements that reveal her identity as LostMessiah. I have laid out the similarities in style and grammatical structures that lead straight to her doorstep below. Although poor English skills are a component of what unmasked her identity, it is not those deficiencies that my title laments. I get no pleasure from pointing out another person’s poor language skills—my own are undoubtedly faulty as well, as some commenters will likely gleefully reveal. In addition, countless eminently honorable individuals lack proper language skills, and I would never mock them. My lamentation is expressed solely toward Julie’s Jewish education. The lack of decent Jewish knowledge that LostMessiah displays is lamentable indeed:

It is her apparent lack of Jewish education that has transformed Julie, likely a reasonable person in other facets of her life, into a batty calumnious raver against her fellow Jews. Only without a solid Jewish education can someone spout such silly nonsense, worthy of the Monster Raving Loony Party or Vermin Supreme*, about her own people. To think that an adult leveled the following accusations is mind-numbing. That other people and organizations, such as the Rockland Voice and various Rockland County Facebook groups, would give such a person a platform to spew such rubbish is just insane:

  • Julie believes that Orthodox Jewish communities may secretly import sex slaves to diversify their gene pool. Her sources are “an unnamed source” and Kevin Alfred Strom, a holocaust denier. She laughably ends, “Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.” You’ll find it in the horns section, Julie.
  • Julie believes that Orthodox Jewish communities may be organ traffickers. Her evidence is the fact that one Orthodox Jew was convicted of voluntary organ trafficking, and the fact that a gang leader in Israel was convicted of organ trafficking.
  • Julie is reminded of Stalin’s Red Army and Hitler’s Third Reich by Orthodox Jewish communities (seems like someone needs a history lesson too!). UPDATE: LostMessiah called Yossi Gestetner a “racist” because he “compared Rockland with pre-war Nazi Germany.” Yet LostMessiah not only compared the same communities and eras, but also compared Jews to the Third Reich! Clearly, online torch waving and raving have degraded neurological loci of both logic and shame!
  • Julie quotes the “statistic” that half of Haredi children are sexually abused (The best number we currently have is an estimated 10-20%, which is the same as the general population).
  • Julie thinks that her fellow Jews may intentionally drug their children in order to make them behave. Her source is “some kids.”
  • Julie believes that Jews who market Kosher Toilet paper “go to repent on Yom Kippur so they can rape and pillage every other day of the year,” and that evil kosher toilet paper demands by Kashrut organization are closing down Jewish restaurants and organizations. Her evidence is a picture of toilet paper marketed for Shabbat use.
  • Julie believes that Mikvah is “to partake in the spoils of young children.”
  • Julie thinks that “The Ultra-Orthodox are More Like Islamic Extremists than We Think” and “YOU MIGHT BE BETTER OFF JOINING ISIS.”

It seems that Julie’s lack of Jewish education has made her vulnerable to every childish, silly canard that can be hurled at Orthodox Jews. The level of petulant animosity is astounding. And it’s likely caused by a lack of rigorous Jewish education.

Let Julie Globus be a lesson to Jewish parents everywhere. If you do not provide your children with a satisfactory Jewish education, not only may they be ignorant of much their ancestors held dear, but they are liable to bizarrely believe every asinine rumor about their own people.

Crackpot Hate by LostMessiah blog and Julie Globus
LostMessiah and Julie Globus: Raving Loony Bigotry

*I reference the Monster Raving Loony Party and Vermin Supreme as examples of silly nonsense, not hate.


It seems that the hate of Julie and her minions extend to other groups as well. Bigots are never one trick ponies. #RocklandStrong indeed:

#RocklandStrong Lee Smith Julie Globus Muslim Shithole
Horrid Hate-mongering from  Public Facebook Page “Take Rockland Back”


Below are the multiple threads of evidence that cumulatively point overwhelmingly to Julie Globus as the principle writer of the LostMessiah blog. I have sourced the material written by Julie in her own name. LostMessiah material is not sourced; one can locate the material by running a Google search with the command “” (screenshots have been saved in case of deletion).

Misspelling Shmarya Rosenberg’s Name as “Shmayra” Rosenberg

Shmarya’s name is repeatedly misspelled as “Shmayra” on LostMessiah:

LostMessiah Julie Globus Spells Shmarya Rosenberg's Name Shmayra
LostMessiah “Shmayra Rosenberg” 100 Results

In a letter to the editor to the Rockland Voice news site on March 2, 2016, Julie similarly misspells Shmarya’s name as Shmayra:

“FailedMessiah’s Shmayra Rosenberg, stopped short of calling sexual abuse amongst Yeshiva students an epidemic. I, on the other hand, am more than willing to take it one step further.”


Getting Permission for Julie’s Story

LostMessiah has no shame—they blatantly steal and admit to doing so:

“We have not obtained her permission for re‑posting and hope that she will see this as praise for her commentary.”

“We are reposting the following without permission, and hope the authors will not mind.”

“…Without permission, we are reposting the article from a wordpress blog entitled Rebecccainspace….”

“LostMessiah is reprinting this article, largely without permission; but we hope that in so doing, we are helping someone.”

Yet there is one story, and only one story (to date), where LostMessiah notes that they have received permission from the author—Julie Globus’ letter to the editor to the Rockland Voice:

“LostMessiah has decided to reprint it here with the permission of the author and the editor. We found the article quite interesting both for its content and for its use of material from”


Omitting a Comma After the Year When Writing a Date

Julie Globus:

“At the meeting of February 26th, 2015 three major issues were discussed” (1).

“On March 3, 2015 The Rockland Voice posted a Letter to the Editor on my behalf, wherein I asked the question: ‘Felix Festa Middle School Natatorium Pool – Whose Pool is it?’” (2).

“Covering the Shortfall Re-evaluating Fees and Pool Use in 2010, 2012 and Now –“ (1).

“On Friday, February 27, 2015, resulting from a FOIL request, I received the letter dated June 21, 2010 attached hereto which may or may not have been the contract signed with the Board” (1).

“Were we Blind-sided in Advance of that February 5, 2015 Meeting and Will We be Blindsided Again?”(1).

“Another commentator questioned my review of new board policies because the policies were not made public and were only mentioned briefly at the March 12, 2014 BOE meeting, which that commentator felt diminished the significance of the changes” (4).


“This follows a report in The Telegraph on April 1, 2016 about: ‘Concern for 1,000 boys in illegal schools over ‘narrow’ curriculum.’”

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the Town of Orangetown is holding a public meeting on Tuesday, April 12 at 8 PM in Town Hall, 26 Orangeburg Rd, Orangeburg, NY to discuss strengthening of its code concerning ‘hawking and peddling’.

“…filed in Florida for bankruptcy protection on July 26, 2013 and terminated in September of 2013.”

“We are posting a portion of an article from Lohud, dated March 14, 2016 for the full article, which we encourage you to read, click here.”

In an article entitled, “‘Opportunity Deferred’: 19 reforms for E. Ramapo”, from Lohud on December 14, 2015 describes the 19 recommendations from a panel headed by former New York City chancellor Dennis Walco, which…”

“In a post on posted February 3, 2016 and entitled “HEAVY Speculation that Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz Involved In Closing Of Failed Messiah Blog”

“Despite Senator Flanagan’s description of Walcot, on December 21, 2015 FailedMessiah posted an article commenting…”

“In a scathing article which appeared in Newsweek on March 3, 2016 entitled…”

“FailedMessiah, on February 2, 2016 had 2,446 posts categorized ‘Pedophilia and Related Crimes’”

“…by Uriel Helman, dated May 22, 2015 published in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and on their website,…”

“…to express our views on the unsettling “lobbying mission of yesterday, March 8, 2016 and the photograph above.”

“Mendlowitz was released – apparently without bail, bond or conditions – pending a scheduled August 7, 2014 court appearance in the Town of Monroe Court.”


Stating Numbers to the Second Decimal Place

Julie Globus:

“According to the Profit and Loss Statement (“P/L”) as of the eight months ending 2/28/2014 and in 4/30/24, the Total Operational Expenditures of the FFMS Pool were $270,096.00 and $337,998, respectively, and the Operational Expenditures in Excess of Pool Revenues was ($55,398) and ($76,969) respectively” (1).

“More Bond Money – $30,000,000.00. A Gratis Engineer’s Analysis – Gratis? ‘Nothing is ever free’” (1).

[In comments section] “This amounts to between $770,000 and $1,320,000.00 in revenue from membership” (3).

“So, that adds another $17,500.00 in cash for entry fees to these meets. If you add the $25,000+$17,500.00, you are at $42,500.00. He holds 8 of these per year, you are looking at approximately $340,000 gross over the course of a year” (3).

“The fair market value charges per lane per hour to all teams across the board would yield the pool on the order of approximately $750,000 per year (revenues) which would amount to a Net revenue of about $450,000.00 – a suggestion we have been making since 2012” (3).

“Well, that is quite a question: Would you run a $220,000,000.00 business without checking your governing documents?” (3).

”I’m not clear on something Fred Fredburger – why does it disturb you so much to charge $20.00 or $25.00 per lane per hour for every club and team across the board that is not a booster club or school club/team; and then allow Clarkstown residents to swim for free?” (3).

“If Clarkstown rented the pool at even the least possible raise of price on this list to $15.00 per hour per lane (Rockland Community College), the revenue stream would increase by 50% with regard to the usage by the Condors and on a single pricing model with regard to any renter of the pool. This would go a long way to reducing the nearly $250,000.00 shortfall that the Clarkstown Central School District incurs under the current pricing policy” (4).


“In 2014, it was reported in the Forward the Rechnitz won $15,000 for wagering that the Seattle Seakhaws would score the first points on a safety. The bet placed was for $300.00. In that article, it was mentioned that he might have placed a second bet and that they were not sure what he was going to do with the $15,000.00”

“Legislator Falciglia has made it unabashedly clear that when you get 22 donations of $4,000.00 each over a 4-day period beginning July 9, 2011, of which five were from Brooklyn and 14 were first-time donors, there might be some red flags.”

“Served on Mayor de Blasio’s Inaugural Committee $9,900.00 – combined donation $35,000.00  – Fundraiser $50,000.00 – Campaign One $40,000.00 – Contributions $102,300.00 – To Democrats in the Senate…”

“Between July and December of 2011, Friends of Sherri Eisenpress received two $5,000.00 donations, twenty‑five $4,000.00 donations, one for $3,500.00 and one for $3,000.00; a total of $116,500.00. Eighteen of those donations came from seventeen individuals totaling $70,500.00 and eleven came from ten business entities for $46,000.00.”


Constant Use of Ellipsis in Headlines and Headers

Julie Globus:

“Conclusions: Conflict of Interest, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Impairment of Independence of Judgment in the Exercise of Official Duties, Use of Position for Personal Gain, Costs to the Taxpayers… Let’s Ignore the IRS 990 Issues…” (1).

“Clubs Registered as Not-for-Profit 501(c)(3) Organizations – Condors is a 501(c)(7) Entity Yet it Still Gets Preferential Treatment as a Not-for-Profit, Approximately $40,000.00/year… Semantics?” (1).

“Will the Issue of the Pool Pricing and Financial Losses be Addressed? Apparently Not…” (1).

“A Fiscally Accountable Response Not Reflecting Carlucci’s Most Protected Status Could have Been…” (1).

“Resident Swimming…Motion of the Ocean” (6).

“What Category?  A, B, C, D?  Nope…. Same price all renters…” (6).

“Size Matters! To Make it Simple, Comparing Use of the Whole Pool…Kickboards to Kickboards” (6).

“Losses, Losses, Losses…!  To Make it Simple, Comparing Use of the Whole Pool…caps to caps” (6).


“Kosher Toilet Paper, Kosher Contact Lenses, Kosher Oxygen Tanks, Kosher Toilet Bowl Cleaner…. It’s All About Fleecing an Ever More Innocent and Uneducated ultra-Orthodox Gullible Public of Money, Money and More Money.”

“Now… onto the Megillah…. Where did Effigy Come From?”

“A Book By Any Other Name Would Still be a Book…. If its Not Torah Related, it’s Not a Book…FBI Raids”

“Hanging a Black Man In Effigy, Claiming Anti-Semitism… What a Way to Ruin a Good Story…”

“From Eastern Europe, the Center of Commerce, Religion, Charity and Education; How Did we Lose Our Way? An Opinion Piece…”


“Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, Senator Marcellino….. How Much of Your Support is Garnered by the Bloc? Are you Trading the Life of a Child in Exchange for Each Vote You Get? Sure Does Feel That Way…”

“Rabbi Milton Yehoshua Balkany a criminal, a lecturer, an honored figure in the ultra-Orthodox Community… Really??….”

“A Gathering of Hassidic (MEN) Protests AGAINST the Internet and Acceptance of Funds FOR the Internet….. Hypocrisy at its Very Best.”

”Children on Drugs Within the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Community…. Is Technology Making Them More Accessible or Are they Being Provided to Sedate Children???”

“Israeli Flags Burned? ‘Haredi Soldier Exterminator’? Perhaps it’s time for an Ark….”

“Shlomo Rechnitz and a “Kiddush Hashem”… should he really have even been talking to Larry King?  Or should he have deferred?”

“While ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Members of the Rockland County Legislature are Voting Against An ERCSD Monitor, Schools are Failing…….”

“Are the Hasidim Who Are Overtaking Areas Like East Ramapo, Lakewood, Toms River, Monroe-Woodbury, and on, and on… Like Israel, Antwerp, Britain, and on and on…Expansionists or Imperialists?”

“Anti-Semetic or Anti-Gentilic…To be or Not to be.”


“de Blasio’s “Alluring story” – No Knowledge of Events, Huh? De Blasio’s Ignorance is Bliss….”

“GOING ALL THE WAY BACK TO 2011, SMUGGLING BOOZE… Hamlet Peralta, Colon-Bacenet.”

“Friedlander Group, a Public Relations Firm Establishing Closer Relations with City Hall…. The Power of Shmoozing, and What else?”

“Speculation Abounds… Fraud, Crime, Sexual Abuse… What Truths About the Hasidic Community Did Someone Want Silenced?”

“Politics Gone Awry II….the Self-Interest of Elected Officials — the Eisenpress Files”

“De Blasio Dubiously Attempts Spin Control…and the plot thickens.”

“Top Cop Knows He’s “F–d”, Really…. Unless Someone Pays His Way Out.”


Placing Commas and Periods Outside Quotation Marks

Julie Globus:

“The CCSD District manual 3511 states that to be deemed a group B or C entity, an entity must be a 501(c)(3) entity, or somewhat ambiguously other ‘non-profit’.” (1).

“Mercifully, a few members of the BOE recognized the potential for conflicts with an engineering firm working ‘for free’. Kevin Grogan thankfully commented, ‘No one does anything for free.’ Mr. LaNave, in a twist on his initial statement, revised and revisited to establish that the costs would be ‘minimal to the community’. After some back and forth, a cap was placed on that report at $4,000.00. At a vote on the subject Mr. Grogan was the only sitting Board Trustee with the wherewithal to vote against accepting services gratis, obviously understanding that everything is quid pro quo, in other words, ‘nothing is ever free’.” (1).

“On the one hand, we were/are led to believe that the District is doing everything in its power to cut costs and ‘tighten its belt’.” (1).

“Is it I who wants to see the children of East Ramapo, both secular and religious, receive a better education, and frankly one more aligned with the very tenets of the Torah and its teachings you profess to love’, or is it you?” (9).

“’beauty within the ultra-Orthodox community’.” (9).

“…told a lovely story of her mother who loved her children enough to hand write a beautiful ‘will’ for them asking only that the estate get divided into 6 pieces, one for each child and that they ‘love and support one other’.” (10).


“Ted Cruz bakes matzoh with rabbi who had sex offender employee, and in a letter the rabbi signed he was suggesting others should not be ‘jumping to conclusions solely based upon media accounts’, when there was already a known conviction. The rabbi did fire the offender, and the rabbi did do what he could to keep that offender from vulnerable people under that rabbis direction, and that is great, and I say ‘Well done’.”

“The process of fully boiling a wine kills off most of the fine mold, or “must”, on the grapes…”

“If Rabbi Twersky can justify sending out his boys to blow up their “heretics”, what is to stop them from one day deciding that violence on all fronts is permissible?”

“The answer may lie in asking who is the ‘aggressor’ and who is the ‘victim’ of acts of unsolicited ‘hawking and peddling’.”

“From an article in The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, entitled “Latvian law would return Jewish properties”, from 2006:”

”Focus Ventures, in Suite 304 is comprised of a conglomerate of different but related companies including the following: Focus Home Care Services, offering “premium quality home care to patients in eastern Pennsylvania’.”

“You provided a convenient deception for Rabbi Twersky and the mechablim (terrorists) of the New Square community by substantiating what Twersky tells the abused victims regularly, ‘mesira (reporting) will not get justice’.”

“In a comment on the differences between Expansionism and Imperialism, the distinction is the use of a military presence. Expansionism is a view towards looking at development where Imperialism is classified as ‘imposing a military presence and colonial government…’.”


Incorrect Use of Commas at the End of Sentences

Julie Globus:

“Would other clubs who host meets at the pool be permitted to hang their flags, as well.” (1)

“Now that I have raised this issue, ladies and gentlemen of the Board of Education, are you going to revisit this, as well?” (3).

“You should be equally as concerned about your own. I stepped up to the plate.. don’t you think the members of the BOE you defend should, as well?” (4).

“That you happen to identify with the Hasidic Jewish community is for me, quite sad” (8).

“Seeing as he gave my sister a car the year before he died, it would seem to have been true of her, as well” (10).

“Oh yes… the one piece that I forgot to mention is that the Executor is an attorney, as well” (10).


“As for the donations, we did not ask. We were asked and responded accordingly. And as you see, we have no way to receive them at this point, so we made that clear, as well.”

“Jews pride themselves in their intellectual powers, as well.”

“We are following, as well, the stories you listed above regarding Allure, very closely.”

“Before the war, the Jewish community was self‑sufficient, as well.”

“That’s crap…The fact that there were 5 schools cited last year and 8 this year, speaks volumes.”

“We would like to remind Trustee Weissmandl that this is about the kids, not just the privately educated Yeshiva kids in East Ramapo, but the public school kids, as well.”

“Relying on the article, we have done our own research, as well.”


Incorrect Use of Commas After Conjunctions

So, students will write sentences like this. But, they are wrong.

Julie Globus:

“Mr. Kurkela, you have neither met me nor, do I think, you would recognize me in a crowd. Yet, you have the audacity to get personal at every possible opportunity” (1).

“Has anyone on the Board of Education thought this through? Or, are we simply trying to overlook Trustee Carlucci’s historical fraudulent misrepresentations and in so doing are blindly providing him with a shield which allows us to do so?” (3).

“A district decision was made to close Congers Elementary School (after obtaining a $6.5 Million Dollar Bond, touted by President Trustee Aglioloro), to the financial detriment, not only of residents of Congers whose home values are likely to be diminished by the lack of an associated school, but also the rest of the Clarkstown Community which has not solved the problems raised by the State. And, we are all repaying yet another bond” (4).

“I invite anyone who wants to check the town records, to come to your own conclusions. I came by those tax liens by making a stupid mistake over a series of two tax years after my sister’s death but certainly not by committing fraud and, they are getting paid honestly as well” (4).

“The other facilities, the grounds, the fields, the classrooms, etc. are in a different financial category because they were not specially built and bonded for that purpose. And, yes… whether we like it or not, running a school is running a business” (4).

“They have been anti his tactics. And, what I said then, regarding the state of the finances of our district, has been proven by financial data since then” (4).

“If you are a publicly elected official behave responsibly, ethically, morally and honestly, simple. If not, stay home. And, expect scrutiny because I’m not planning on relenting anytime soon, at least not so long as this district is headed down the same slippery slope as East Ramapo, simply governed by a different type of un-orthodoxy” (4).

“What sir, would you say to a black man who dressed as a Hasid on Halloween? Would you show any level of tolerance? I think not. Yet, that same black man is expected to accept your explanation that your Purim costume was intended to be humorous and not wholly insulting if not utterly racist?” (8).

“There are 10,000 emails of students whose files were open and accessible to anyone using a Condors swim Club computer. Or, there were 10,000 Insurance related emails that were open and accessible to anyone. Or, the whole e-mail debacle was simply a lie so Carlucci could avoid paying a coach” (7).

“So FF, humor me…let’s say that I saw the wallet, picked it up and, to humor you, decided not to return it; and I know what it contained and have promised the owner that I will not discuss the contents. But, the owner of the wallet says that it contained something else and what he says it contained, though different from its contents, is also potentially, illegal, unethical or evidence of a crime, a fraud, a violation of confidences.” (7).

“Since that article, I have been called many things, not the least of which is a ‘self-hating Jew‘. But, is it I who lacks enough respect for my children to educate them, or you?” (9).

“He is misguided by skewed memories, guilt, and an endless supply of hostility and hatred. Yet, he has the Wills as his shields and his bottomless pit of disdain as his stomping ground” (10).

“He was strong willed and tenacious and would have undoubtedly taken my left hand if he felt I owed him something. But, the Executor is armed, well armed” (10).


“We were told stories of our great religious scholars in their homes of origin and the it was important that we carry on everything they started. And, there was no deviation.”

“Sometimes they live a life abusing drugs, and sometimes abusing alcohol. And, then there are the suicides.”

“The education they receive is not ‘substantially similar’. And, to some extent it is the Board’s job to police even private schools when money is being filtered to those schools.”

“Denying a child an education that includes mathematics and English (or the language of the country in which this is occurring), science and history, this too is abuse. It is a form of submission that predisposes a child to a life of illiteracy and poverty. It brokers not future, except a cycle of living within the same community and passing the same illiteracy down to children. And, it is unsustainable.”

“It is remarkable that the Pope can understand this but ultra‑Orthodox Jewish leaders cannot. The ultra‑Orthodox who are anti‑ Zionists are no less anti‑Semitic than people who hate Jews. But, maybe not. The Pope is also dealing with the issue of rape and molestations within the Catholic community and the Priesthood where ultra‑Orthodox Jewish leaders are not.”

“We are not the first to report on fires within the neighborhood of Kiryas Joel, nor is this the first time that someone writing on the topic has speculate[sic] that arson is involved. And, while Arson [sic] has not yet been formally suspected in yesterday’s fire…”

“We did some legal digging and many of those suits settled, some of them after years of litigating, suddenly settlement. But, this is all speculation.”

Registered schools are required to teach secular subjects. Full stop. But, the British government is discovering more and more that there are children who are unaccounted for in the registered school system, indicating that they are being educated outside the legally established system.

“That the children graduate whatever level of school unable to put two sentences together in English (the language of the United States) is of little relevance. Yet, they want the secular government to (pay) to translate documents (and street signs) into a language of their convenience.”

“Many Jewish children were raised to believe in studying multiple languages, an opening for worldwide success in a given profession. For, only in understanding another person’s language, and all of its nuances, was it possible to understand the people.”

“Either way, the point of the article is that there is a tremendous outcry of hostility by the ultra-Orthodox claiming anti-Semitism, almost at every turn. Yet, they are not winning prizes in the sensitivity department.”

“These men, brethren in amorality, the Rabbis and political mafia, akin to street gangs have a well‑organized and creatively written playbook for taking over governments and school systems. And, their plays are brilliantly executed.”

“Perhaps you should allow those children to be heard and the abusers to be prosecuted by the courts (not Beit Din but US courts) and then sent to jail. For, even with the Torah, a love of Torah, its teachings with or without testing; any belief in Torah is doomed if such belief perpetuates an endless cycle of violence against our youngest and most innocent victims, the children.”

“It is a racket that is really quite creative. But, there are a lot of people involved.”

“We will research. And, thanks.”


Misuse of Commas When Setting Off Parenthetical Elements

Julie Globus:

“The reason, after a 60-minute diatribe by Dr. Thomas Morton, boiled down to three basic factors: i) fiscal stress on the district, resulting from years of financial mismanagement; ii) reduced enrollment rates which, it should be noted, are estimated to further require school closings and redistricting, and iii) an inability of the District to obtain State Aid, except for “critical repairs” because of what is deemed by the State to be wasted space within the district” (1).

“My guess is that he would pass these costs to the Condors’ membership which is why, particularly those non-resident members of his club object to the idea” (1).

“Trustee Carlucci likely does not agree because, while the entire Clarkstown community would benefit from fiscal responsibility and financial accountability, while his pockets would substantially lose some of their lining” (1).

“Though I was not present when the edict of the ban was passed, it is my understanding that Coach Jim Wargo, Head Coach of the Condors, at the very least had the dignity to look uncomfortable delivering the news. This unconscionable action proved, as I see it in no uncertain terms, that Trustee Carlucci will stop at nothing to protect his empire, even if it means holding 130 swimmers (many of whom are Clarkstown residents), hostage in an effort to silence the voice of dissent” (2).

“Trustee Carlucci, by his very actions last night breached that duty” (2).

“I have concluded on the basis of the totality of the evidence and circumstances, that the Clarkstown taxpayers are subsidizing in financial terms the unhindered, unfettered and unshackled use of the Felix Festa Natatorium by a club owned by Trustee Robert A. Carlucci and/or his immediate family members” (2).

“a) conflict of interest between a sitting Trustee, Robert A. Carlucci and a not-for-profit in which he has a significant financial stake and b) facilities’ rental policies and pricing and (c)the nature of Trustee Carlucci’s 501(c)(7) entity which is not tax-exempt” (3).

“For years the Condors, under the direction of Trustee Carlucci has been signing the permit and consciously misrepresenting his club as a 501(c)(3) entity” (3).

“Have we considered, however the slippery slope of allowing any not-for-profit entity to rent our spaces as preferred renters?” (3).

“Meanwhile, while the changes were being made, there are only slight difference in the pricing for the pool, which will continue, under the new pricing structure to operate at a loss” (3).

“Yesterday on one of the many blog-sites to which I do not have direct access, Clarkstown residents, who are supporters of the current Board of Education, engaged in conversations discounting my words from the three previous posts indicated above, as lacking credibility because ‘these are opinion letters’” (4).

“My suggestion, however is to do so in both New York and New Jersey, as well as Interstate Commerce laws as set forth in that Cease and Desist Letter” (5).

“The BOE, in my opinion, needs to be turned over, completely. The pool was initially my basis for that statement, Congers and the bond fiasco, made it all the more clear” (7).

“…told a lovely story of her mother who loved her children enough to hand write a beautiful ‘will’ for them asking only that the estate get divided into 6 pieces, one for each child and that they ‘love and support one other’” (10).

“On the day my father died, a Friday, my sister, the caregiver and I left the hospital, to make all of the funeral arrangements” (10).

“He showed me in true form, who my sister was and is. He has shown me that my views on my cousin solidified three years ago, were correct in all measure” (10).


“These are the same children who do not study “substantially similar” classes as those taught in the public schools, but are nonetheless, funded by New York State taxpayers.”

“In a search for songs in Yiddish and in English that help Jewish parents accomplish the difficult task of teaching our children, and what is expected within the context of that education, we came across, not a song but an article relating to songs.”

“Anyone who thinks this is okay, should know nothing but shame.”

“At present, there are thousands of ultra-Orthodox children no receiving an education, adequate enough to prepare them for life.

“In this case, the opinion that is written, meshes pretty well with our opinion on this one.”

“We have our doubts whether the Kiryas Joel fire department would report arson in cases like yesterday’s fire even if it were a certainty, obvious to them.”

“To our knowledge, what we have been told is a common practice in Kiryas Joel, has not received attention.”

“These children, victims of horrific abuses deserve better.”

“He is no more likely today, to act in the best interest of all East Ramapo’s school children now, then he was at the time of the publication of’s article.”

“Sexual abuse amongst Rabbis and their students or congregants is, we believe an epidemic.”

“Sarek, we find the devotion of this community to their Rabbi, eerily similar to the devotion of Warren Jeffs by the LDS group.”


Using “So,” to Begin a Sentence [More common in spoken English]

Julie Globus:

“So, that adds another $17,500.00 in cash for entry fees to these meets” (3).

“No other coach is tied to a Trustee’s financial interests. So, apples to apples…” (4).

“So, I have finally found my Summer Sanders, have I not?” (5).

“The fact that they didn’t, however, raised a good deal of suspicion and the information obtained because of it has raised my hackles further. So, there is likely some other “poor bastard(s)” who are going to follow” (7).

“…those whom you may have wanted in life to obtain the greatest benefits from your Estate upon your death. So, I write this blog to impart some level of urgency on anyone who reads it…” (10).

“But, unfortunately, New Jersey law does not directly preclude his behavior. So, it continues…”

“My middle sister had not had a two nickels to rub together for nearly the last 20 years so quite often she was not invited to go out because paying her way became the source of great hostility for my father, who refused. So, if she were invited to something, it was my family or my eldest sister’s family who paid her way” (10).


[Entire headline] “So, he Thought that Accepting Cash and Diamonds was Okay?”

[Beginning of paragraph] “So, either that page was a lie when it initially joined FB or the folks at Diversified (FailedMessiah’s owners) are trying to create a ruse. Either way, onward we go. And no; we will not be purchased, not now, not in 3 years from now. Since we likely will not be able to read a lawsuit, we are not concerned about getting served…. public domain and all…”

“The Borough Park Yiddish is causing us problems trying to translate documents, almost to the point of bone-deep humor. So, your comments are quite apropos.”

[Entire comment] “So, we are asking ourselves the same question. Why don’t you write articles and send them to us via the email? we can upload. You will remain anonymous.”

So, not only do the public school students have a school system lacking in classes and fundamental necessities…Weissmandl and his cronies, elected by the block within East Ramapo, care little about the public school students; and distributing the funds within the school system wisely. So, yes. The board is overlooking its obligations to students.”

“They also list a one‑stop location for everything from agricultural, building, environmental, health and other. So, the site runs the gamut from food stamps/SNAP program licenses to funeral establishment/mortuary licenses to WIC Registration, Weapons – Guns – Ammo Licenses, to Pharmacy Licenses to Gaming/Gambling Licenses.”

“Yeshivas, with rare exception, do not use computers, the internet, anything that might invite in the outside world. So, where did the ERate program funds go?”

“Interestingly, there are also many, many LLC’s registered to that address. Each with its own questionable history. So, where to begin….???”

“So, Mayor de Blasio Do you Speak…Yiddish?”

“So, did Mayor de Blasio say he was going to return funds, or not?”

The forward seemed to think that SY was Diversified but then some comment on FB suggested that Diversified was located in Pennsylvania. A check of the address indicates that the poster there was simply wrong. So, we are stumped.

“We have deleted 2 comments since we began this blog and yours were not among them. So, either you DID NOT COMMENT or you don’t remember where you commented.”

“Were you to make Ailyah, if you have been to Israel, you would find the situation there to be unsettling at best, particularly if you had not been there in 10 or 15 years. So, while we don’t disagree with your comments, necessarily, you may want to consider that the issue has far more relevance when taken beyond face value. – LM”

“So, either that page was a lie when it initially joined FB or the folks at Diversified (FailedMessiah’s owners) are trying to create a ruse.”

“And, of course, there are highly credentialed attorneys in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts. So, why California?”

“So, where did the ERate program funds go?”



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